Pyramid Pathogen X ATK Bowling Ball International Release






Pathogen X ATK Core – New Era 139 Symmetric

The performance leading core hasnt changed, the New Era 139 symmetric core, leads the market in this performance level. The core's medium RG and differential numbers, paired with the GPS Navigational Pearl ATK, allows the ball to stay controlled through the midlane before taking dead aim on the backend. This is a unique quality for a pearl which all but eliminates over/under reactions.

Pyramid Pathogen X ATK *International Release*

The Infection Is Spreading

The Pathogen X ATK is a special color/name release of the Pathogen X. The ATK features a modified version of the coverstock to produce more length then the original Pathogen X with a smoother, more controllable motion on the backend.

  • Perfect Scale: 195.8
  • RG: 2.54
  • Differential: 0.032
  • Flare Potential: Medium (3-4″)
  • Recommended Cleaner: Monster Foam
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Pathogen X ATK Blood Moon Infinity Force Gold Pearl
Performance Advanced Performance[6] High Performance[8] Pro Performance[10]
Perfect Scale 195.8 213.3 234.9
Finish 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory Finish Polish 2000 Grit Abralon 2000-Grit Factory Polished
Coverstock Pearl Reactive Hybrid Reactive Pearl Reactive
RG 2.54 2.48 2.53
Differential 0.032 0.039 0.051
Mass Bias N/A 0.012 0.019
Core Type Symmetric Asymmetric Asymmetric
Lane Condition / Breakpoint Shape Medium-Dry / Skid Flip Medium-Heavy / Controllable Backend Medium-Heavy / Breakneck Angularity
Flare Potential Medium (3-4″) Medium (3-4″) High (6″+)

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Monster Tac Monster Foam Monster Gel Monster Shine
Cleaning Effect Restores Tackiness Provides Deep Clean & Restores Tackiness Provides Deepest Clean & Restores Tackiness Polishes Coverstock & Increases Length and Backend
USBC Approved Anytime Anytime Before/After Sanctioned Play Before/After Sanctioned Play
Restores Tackiness
Deep Cleaning
Polishes Coverstock
Nozzle Type Pump Spray Nozzle Pump Foam Nozzle Pop-Top Nozzle Pop-Top Nozzle
Recommended Applicator Use Giant Washable Microfiber See Saw Monster Microfiber Bowling Applicator Leather Shammy Microfiber Bowling Towel